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NOTICE: I need volunteers to help test this to make sure it works. And to give feedback so my directions are simpler and more accurate. So please read through this. Then fill out the Application.

Apply: Affiliate Application

Get paid doing what you love doing! Just post on social media, groups, blogs, email, whatever,  and follow my simple directions. If you can do the following, I’ve an op for you!

You can potentially make money by using your unique link that will credit you and using approved, prepared photos that will credit me. Connecting with fans online is also what this is about. Bringing fans together. Win-Win!

Really simple. Just follow the yellow brick road aka my lead!

Get paid when people click on links that inspire them and make it easy to sign up.

Simple and Easy Punk Pioneers Club Affiliate:

  1. Just post approved, watermarked photos ONLY I prepare that you get from ONLY my sites!!
  2. No screenshots, recordings, etc from private, paid club membership section.
  3. Post info: tell people to sign up and join.
  4. Share my text AND your general thoughts. Don’t tell what I say privately. But INCLUDE my text I’ll provide for you to use!!
  5. Copy/Paste MY link with YOUR link at the end!
  6. Tip: Affiliate Login: you will get an email with login info. Put in a safe place!
  7. That’s it. You don’t have to change the link, ever! Just post various approved photos and some words, like you would other posts.
  8. It’s FUN and you are doing a good thing. Thank you!

I have worked for years for NO money, gone into great debt, just to preserve and share my photos and stories with and for YOU.

I will share my income with you IF you help me the way I need help! Thank you!

We all have fun helping to preserve and share the Jenny Lens Punk Photos and Podcast Club and Archive! Thank you!

Apply Now: Affiliate Application


You will get an email with your affiliate link, name, password and login. PUT IN SAFE PLACE and NEVER share it! You don’t want anyone to take your money!

NEVER use any images from inside the Punk Pioneers Club! Never screenshot, record any video, images or audio or download inside the private, paid section!! Thank you!

ONLY use my watermarked photos and stories in the Affiliate Tools section! Or you can download and upload any image in my Punk Pioneers Photo store aka

Do not link ONLY to my site! YOU NEED TO ADD YOUR AFFILIATE LINK with YOUR NAME to be paid!

I encourage suggestions. Please Write Me for clarity, brainstorming, whatever. Talk to me first. I want collaborators, not saboteurs! Thank you.

Money making tip: Optional, but this works! Do Not post a lot of items at once and then forget about it. Set an alarm or schedule once or maybe twice a day, you will post a photo, text and link. Do that every day or as much as possible. IF that works out for you.

Post when someone is trending.

Want a photo of someone trending? Someone you enjoy? WRITE ME and I’ll prep the image or something similar. I have years of marketing study and experience)

Be polite, be kind, and don’t engage or respond to people arguing, being snarky, nasty or just looking for a fight! Just move on!

DO NOT DEFEND ME or anyone in my photos! Do not feed the trolls, please!

Do not drag my name down … just move on! (I block fools like that, but they might be your friends. Just don’t involve me!)

Don’t bombard a group with many repetitive or too many posts or be too pushy. Be enthusiastic, but people can get so hostile over the slightest things these days. “Some people give me the creeps.” A little goes a long way. Just make whatever you post or comment on fun.

IF you post any Affiliate Links on your site and emails, you MUST include a disclaimer like this: “Federal Trade Commission Law requires this disclosure: clicking on links might result in added revenue for me.” Put on your site and/or emails. I don’t usually see it on social posts. We have to follow government rules!

ONLY USE watermarked, approved photos from my sites. Never use images and photos from the private, paid club section. Thank you.

Violations are subject to being blocked from my life and loss of potential or earned commissions.

I have to run this professionally.

So let’s play by these guidelines, make people happy, potentially make some money and get on with our lives.

I’ve got a lot of other options in my life. I desperately want to take new photos, create clip art, and devise several new courses.

ALL of which could bring in more money without the heartache I get from punk, fans, groups, etc. I do this for you, not my ego nor wallet. (Tip: it’s not making me rich, ha ha ha.)

Let’s focus on the good times, ok!

Apply: Affiliate Application

THANK YOU. Keep on rockin’!

Jenny Lens, MFA, who just wants to share True Tall Tales with Photos to Prove it!

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