LA Library Presentation Jan 2015 (1 hr 47 min video)

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See tons of pix and hear untold stories about the birth of LA punk, interacting with New York and British bands, parties and good times. Lots here, so sit back and enjoy!! LA Library, January 10, 2015. 1 hr, 48 minutes of cool pix and stories.

I was invited to speak for two hours. On the way to the library, I was told to speak for 1.5 hours, with questions afterwards. THAT is why I’m talking so fast and am nervous. I had carefully timed it for two hours. I had to rush through it. Then the questions were lame. Next time, I should just keep on talking. Urgh.

THEN the man (making far more money than I ever have), with a cushy job at LA Library, recorded and posted it. He totally effed up the sound! I’d be talking about a slide either not shown yet or shown previously. I matched the sound with video best I could. I’m not an audio engineer! I don’t have the skills and I hated doing it. Plus I deleted dumb stuff at the end. One Hour and 48 minutes.