Member Rules

Hi and Welcome!

I created this safe, private place to share my photos and stories. I see so much abusive behavior online. I can only continue sharing stories and photos privately.

Access to info in my site means you agree to a few basic things.

1 – Information is private. What I say here, stays here! (You may share short, credited text excerpts, linked to

2 – NONE OF THIS CAN BE REPRODUCED, shared, sold, etc. That means no sharing, no downloading, no screen recording, no screenshots, no reproductions, no copying text (other than a line here and there ONLY to promote my projects!), etc.

My photos, audio and my text copyrighted. NOTHING I create is in public domain.

3 – I have never ever made a dime. I’m in debt up to my ears. I can ONLY continue if EVERYONE accepts the fact this takes time and money and I simply haven’t much of either. Or I will have to abandon my archive and you won’t see or hear or read anything about punk from me again. And I’ve got tons of really awesome never seen photos, ephemera, memorabilia and more in my pal’s storage.

You want it? You gotta give up a six pack or Starbucks a month and have fun with authentic, vintage stuff and stories. True Tall Tales.

4- Questions, suggestions, comments:

Best: write me directly:

Write a descriptive Subject header in emails. Then spam catcher won’t think it’s junk.

Most social media sites HIDE messages from people I don’t know nor follow!

NEVER NEVER assume I am notified when you post, tweet, RT any question or comment or message me in any social app.

5 – You don’t do email?

Well, there’s ONE of me. I’m doing the job of at least 10 people: photographer, graphic designer, web designer/master/code wrangler, blog writer, marketing copywriter, course creator, podcast/audio/video editor AND creator, social media do it all and store owner on another site who preps and orders, signs and ships photos and another site I’m teaching how to create compelling storytelling images, sites, ecommerce stores and more using art concept and digital tools and tech. Yikes!

I have to research, buy, learn, use and troubleshoot ALL the tech all by myself.

THREE very complex sites. I can’t be on social media and messaging all the time. Deal, ok? Thanks.

6- DO NOT TAG and DO NOT COMMENT in threads online or posts AND expect a response!

I need to be contacted personally and directly per #3.

Some people actually get nasty and snarky and spread lies because they hid a question in a comment in a punk group somewhere. I’m supposed to respond and didn’t see it. Well, eff that cos who the heck do they think they are?

I love sharing stories and inspiring people. I just need a bit of kindness and understanding from everyone.

Thank you! Keep on rockin’!

Let’s have FUN! Life is too short. My focus is on good memories, in the past and creating them now!

Also, I sell many images, including some not yet posted (just write me and ask!) at Punk

If you don’t see what you want to buy, drop me a note at Thank you!