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  • Clash: first three American tours (California: Feb 1979, Oct 1979 and March 1980) and 16 Tons Tour, England, 1980. Many never seen live stunning live Clash.
  • Joan Jett hung with early punks in spring and summer, 1977. Hanging out at X’s apartment, outside the Whisky, Slash Magazine’s first benefit, and more.
  • Sex Pistols: legendary San Francisco last show, Jan 14, 1978. I recently found a box of slides and scans that need to be seen! You’ll feel as if you are there!
  • Weirdos were visually stunning: spring and summer 1977 shows and hanging out.
  • Backstage Pass: an early underrated women-led group who deserve more attention.
  • Masque Benefit Feb 24-25, 1978: onstage and especially offstage fun and fashions!Fashions: most performers and fans designed their own fashions, usually without any professional input. Discover the colorful looks we all designed for ourselves. Why was LA such a fashion Mecca? I have answers!
  • Parties: Bring on the FUN! Parties at the Screamers, with X and many more memorable parties!
  • Ephemera: Fan Club Letters and Flyers, Party and Show Flyers, Setlists, X Song Books, Letters, Autographs and more!
  • Plus lots more!

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