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IF using a coupon provided by me (usually because you joined when I used previous software):

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This is your “home base” AFTER you login. Now you see and click on organized lists to listen, read and see.

Hopefully, everything works. Have fun!

Please lemme know if problems. Thanks. Please be very detailed so I can troubleshoot yet another delightful tech horror.

What I do for you! This gal has to tell stories and show photos.

Thank you for supporting this crazy life-long endeavor: Punk Pioneers Podcast and Photos True Tall Tales from the most published early punk photographer, west coast, 1976-80.

Patti Smith called me “the girl with the camera eye.” Live from the Roxy stage. I was totally new to rock and photographer. But I have always been an artist. Looking for something exciting! Fell down that rabbit hole into the Punk Wonderland.

I was at Ground Zero.

I just want to share while I still have my physical and mental abilities. Before it’s too late …